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The Ferryport Group

The Ferryport Group

Company Description:
The Ferryport Group are a team of manufacturing engineers who operate across most of the country for a range of industrial sectors. Our work has a strong focus on shop floor operations, physically getting the best out of your assets rather than just talking about management consultancy possibilities.
For us it’s about getting the job done – no fancy suits or jargon, just results.
As an example of a recent project: Changing a 580T Negri Bossi die set.
1st Changeover analysis 2h:7m
Proposed changes, added costs - <£100 0h:40m
Proposed changes, added costs - £600 0h:33m
Proposed changes, added costs - £2900 0h:26m

You can see from here that for minimal cost we have reduced the time taken by nearly 70%, for less than £600 by 75% and for less than £3000 by 80%. There are obvious additional benefits to this including improved quality, greater efficiencies, up-skilling of the workforce, improved customer supply to name just a few.
Recent clients include:
• Plastics former reducing changeover times from over 90 minutes down to 15 minutes.
• BP, saving them £3¼ million after a three day consultancy.
• Manufacturers gaining an additional 100+ production hours per week on major capital plant
• Two separate companies increasing capacity by over 100% – one with the need to employ 1 extra man, the other reducing their overall staff levels.
• Advising a major International producer on buying out a poor performing supplier.
• CNC shop increasing output whilst simultaneously reducing their night shift requirements.
• Small 2 man supplier to the MOD who increased productivity sufficiently so as to avoid spending nearly £250k on a new piece of capital equipment

As you can see our client base is varied, both large and small.
We believe in not just about analysing the production operations but putting the training and systems in place to sustain improvements. There is an emphasis on strong methods for measuring performance, and the preferred means is through the use of Overall Equipment Effectiveness, OEE, namely:
Machine Availability(%) x Performance(%) x Quality(%) = a comprehensive efficiency figure
It is from here that analysis work can be undertaken to improve your profits.
Our Total Productive Maintenance projects have resulted in increased uptime on plant with reduced reactive maintenance issues, making operators responsible for the basic day to day mechanical issues such as visual checks, oiling and reporting of issues – this allows your skilled, time served technicians to concentrate on more pressing and urgent jobs.
Short day-courses are available, covering a host of subjects such as an ‘Introduction to Manufacturing Techniques’ designed to put across the basics of modern manufacturing, and courses on the likes of:

Environmental Awareness
Lean Manufacturing
SWOT Analysis
Health and Safety Training
SMART Techniques
Problem Solving
Supervisor Training
Waste Management
Conflict Management

We also offer a wide range of Apprenticeships and City and Guild qualifications, a lot of which are free of charge. These can be for existing staff but there are large financial incentives for new apprentices.
This can take two separate routes: We take one of your existing staff and train them or we help you take on a new member to your workforce, help with the employment process to select suitable candidates, provide in-depth assessment and support literacy and numeracy testing
What do you have to do?
Provide access by our staff to your apprentices at a time that is suitable to you.
Support and encourage your staff – it’s not a stroll in the park!
Allow time on-line for literacy and numeracy examinations.
Pay new employees a minimum of £95 per week.
There are no age limits, however the following priorities apply:
1. 16 to 18 years 2. 19 to 24 years 3. 25 years plus
All students will be trained and assessed against the National standards, steering them towards an Internationally recognised certificate of education. They also receive a portfolio of their work. Our staff are all experienced assessors, all have many years experience in business and all either have or are working towards teacher training qualifications, offering you the best of both worlds.
It’s worth bearing in mind also that some companies get us in to audit specific existing systems – in effect a fresh pair of eyes.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Address: 112 Canada Drive, Cherry Burton, East Riding, HU17 7RH

Telephone: 07903 189865