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Widget Works

Widget Works

Company Description:
Digital Storytelling

Engaging content is the fuel that keeps your online activities moving. We’ll help you tell your story and develop content that grabs the attention of your online communities. Our collective of writers, video producers, photographers, and animators are at your disposal to help with all of your digital storytelling needs. Whether you’re looking for business photography, service and product reviews, or you’re looking to develop video or animation then get in touch.


Determining whether Social Media is right for your business can be daunting at the best of times, and getting it wrong can cost you time and money. At WidgetWorks we partner with you to find the right social platforms to connect your business with customers so that you can focus your digital efforts. Our Social Media specialists will help you establish your Social presence and guide you through the process of cultivating and engaging with your online communities. We can even manage your Social Media campaigns for you, and it’s not as expensive as you might think!

Internet Marketing

One of our clients once referred to Internet Marketing (SEO and PPC) as the “Dark Arts”. Although not entirely sinister it’s fair to say he was right in that it can seem a little mysterious at times. Internet marking is, however, arguably one of the most important tools in the digital toolbox for promoting your business, brands and services online. Put simply: There’s no point in developing an amazing Website if people don’t find it! Here’s how we can help:
SEO –Keywords and page ranking, because where they fall can make little difference to your profits. What's important is traffic, enquiries, revenue and return on investment (ROI). We focus on doing the research for you and developing quality search snippets to maximize your click-through rate and not simply building a library of metadata keywords.
PPC - Paid search is the quickest way to drive targeted traffic to your website, and users who land on your site through a paid search channel are already interested in your product/service and are ready to convert. We’ll work with you to ensure that your advertising budget delivers the maximum return on investment (ROI).

Website Development

At WidgetWorks we view a Website as just one piece of the digital jigsaw puzzle, so we deliver design concepts that work across all the platforms you use. You get accessible design and effective layout (visual logic) to ensure your site users arrive at the information they need in the fewest number of clicks. Whether you’re looking to create a new Website, to improve the layout of your existing Website, develop enhanced features, develop E-Commerce capabilities, or you’re considering options for content delivery on mobile devices and apps, then get in touch.


Good design is about conveying a mood and brand identity that personify your organisation and which your audience can connect with. By engaging with WidgetWorks you’ll get a team of people who will make it their business to understand your business, and design an online image that works for you.

Visual Logic

Visual Logic, or Information Architecture, is the craft of arranging the elements of a Website to suit the tasks of the user. It sounds simple but there can be many pitfalls on the way to getting it right – we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve see a great looking Website that simply organizes the information based on internal structure of the company and doesn’t reflect what the online users are actually there to do! Together we’ll design, revise, or improve the user interface of your web-based applications.
We can Improve the user experience by simplifying complex tasks, improve the user’s ability to browse, search, author, and discriminate information. Put simply: you’ll get a site that will be focused on your customers’ needs.
If you’ve ever felt like your business’s digital activities are not what they ought to be then you’re not alone. We’ve helped many clients move away from the traditional battleground of trying to determine who in the company owns the Website, or the view that the Web is something that IT alone should will care of.
We help Web teams reach the next level. Our focus is digital governance and we understand how it works. That means we design a way for your digital team to collaborate more effectively. We help you to stop internal debates about ownership, craft the strategies and policies you need, and then design a digital approach that’s right for your business.


If you’ve got your digital activities and campaigns covered but could use a helping hand with specific tasks or exploring new avenues then our team is here to help. Our hourly services are affordable, scalable and can help you manage the day-to-day tasks of running your website(s) while you get on with running your business. Whether you’re looking for help building your online followers, producing a digital story, auditing on your current Internet Marketing (SEO and PPC) approach, or you’re looking for some help with keyword research then get in touch.

Address: suite 24, 76-78 The Lowgate Centre, Lowgate, Hull. HU1 1HP

Telephone: 01482 215614